Build your own

PIDflight Lap VTx lap timing device is suitable for individual pilot use or in a multi-pilot configuration.

If you can build a multirotor — you can build a lap timer! and for less than USD $20 for parts you could be timing your laps with that fast racer you just built!

What you need:

  • PIDflight Lap app
  • D.I.Y PIDflight Lap timing device

Let’s get started!



The HC-06 Bluetooth or DT-06 WiFi modules are supported by the Android app. You only need to purchase either one.

It is recommended to place a 1K resistor between the Arduino TX and HC-06/DT-06 RX connection.

Ethernet connectivity using the ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield Network Module is only supported by the GUI app.



Please use this firmware if you are using the original PIDflight PCB or have built your own using the published PIDflight schematic.

Please note the Bluetooth TX/RX must be disconnected from the Arduino Nano to flash the firmware successfully.

Firmware RecommendedMulti-pilot support for dedicated lap timers.
Firmware support for dedicated and virtual lap timers.
Firmware support with signal strength peak detection.
View README for further instructions.
Firmware 2.7.0 (4VT)
Firmware 2.7.0 (2VT)
2.7.0ExperimentalMulti-pilot support for dedicated and virtual lap timers with signal strength peak detection.
View README for further instructions.

* 4VT: Four virtual timers available
* 2VT: Two virtual timers available


The PIDflight Lap companion app for the PIDflight VTx Lap Timing device and compatible hardware.

  • Premium edition is a yearly subscription of US$3.99 and includes all updates and multiple pilot support.
  • Free edition is limited to display and announce the first three (3) laps for a single (1) lap timing device.

NOTE: You can manage your yearly subscription via Google Play’s Subscription Center, please click here for more information if you wish to cancel or pause an active subscription.


The PIDflight Lap cross-platform Chrome, Windows, Linux and macOS application is provided free of charge.


Would you like to learn more about multiple pilot support?



PIDflight Lap PCBs are a perfect D.I.Y board for a clean assembled VTx lap timing device.


The REV01 is the first and original PCB design published July 2017.


The REV02 is the most recent PCB designed with easy connectivity for multipilot in mind, published March 2018.

Check out the dedicated REV02 page for everything you need to know about this PCB.


  • Copper layers: 2
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Minimum trace/spacing: 6/6 mil
  • Minimum hole size: 0.3 mm
  • Impedance control: No
  • Soldermask colour: Green
  • Silkscreen colour: White
  • Surface finish: HASL (with lead)
  • Copper weight: 1 oz


The VTx lap timing device operates on 5v and can be directly powered by the Arduino Nano USB port, or 5v directly supplied to the individual components (i.e. Arduino Nano, RX5808 and HC-06).

Power consumption is ~250-300mA.

5v Regulated PDB

XT60 to USB

USB Power Bank



USB connection on PC or using an USB OTG cable on capable Android devices.


Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy (LE) 4.0, such as the HC-06 and HM-10 modules.

Refer to Bluetooth configuration to learn more.


WiFi using DT-06 or ESP-01 serial adapter modules.

Refer to WiFi configuration to learn more.


3DR 433/915Mhz Telemetry modules.

Refer to Telemetry configuration to learn more.


Ethernet ENC28J60 modules. This option is only available for the GUI app.

Refer to Ethernet configuration to learn more.