PIDflight Lap is now open sourced on GitHub!

Feel free to fork and contribute!


PIDflight is a simple app that allows you to adjust your PIDs on the fly for Cleanflight, Betaflight, ButterFlight, KISS and RaceFlight One firmware!

PIDflight VTx

PIDflight VTx is a simple app to adjust your TrampHV or TBS Unify Pro video transmitter settings such as band, channel, power and pit mode.

PIDflight Lap

PIDflight Lap is a video transmitter (VTx) lap timing solution for individual pilots and multi-pilot support for race meets of up to 8 pilots.

PIDflight Lap PCB

PIDflight Lap PCB is perfect as a single lap timer or connect many together for a multi-pilot lap timer.

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