This page describes the process for configuring an ENC28J60 Ethernet module to use with PIDflight Lap timing devices.

This connection option has been tested and working flawlessly with up-to 25M Ethernet cable length.

Ethernet connectivity is only available for the GUI app.


The Ethernet module requires following key components:

Firmware for the Arduino Nano:


Configuring Ethernet module

  1. Flash the PIDflight Lap Ethernet firmware to the Arduino Nano to be used for the ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield.
  2. Configure your PC wired network connection.
    • Static IP:
    • Netmask:
    • Gateway:
  3. Connect the Ethernet module to the first (or only) lap timing device. Refer to pin-outs.

Connecting to the GUI app

  • Establish network connection.
  • Open theĀ GUI lap timing app.
  • Select ‘Manual selection‘ from the drop down menu.
  • EnterĀ tcp:// in the ‘Ports‘ field. TCP connection with GUI
  • Click ‘Connect‘.



The PIDflight Lap cross-platform Chrome, Windows, Linux and macOS application is provided free of charge.