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Perfect for single lap timer or connect many together for multi-pilot lap timer.

PIDflight PCB with 3x 1K resistors only.

Requires: Arduino Nano and RX5808 video receiver module at minimum. Refer to the REV02 page for more information.

  • Cost: AU$6 per PCB including standard postage
  • Contact: Christian M.
  • Ships to: Australia

Compact VRx + Timer

This design can also be used as a video receiver when not being used as a lap timer.

This is a PCB only and comes pre-programmed with the latest firmware. You only need to purchase the RX5808 and Bluetooth modules. 3D case design will be available on Thingiverse.

  • Cost: AU$22 including postage
  • Contact: Fred B.
  • Ships to: Australia

PIDflight Lap Timer

This is a fully assembled PIDflight Lap timing device using the REV01 PCB.

  • Cost: US$55
  • Contact: Dennis F.
  • Ships to: United States
  • Buy now: eBay


We'd love to hear from you if you've designed and/or built a compatible lap timing device that you would like to list on here to sell.